10 Best Britney Spears Tattoo Designs – Quick Guide

Britney spears has several tattoos on her body. Find out the details and designs that she has got inked over the years.

Britney Spears is a style icon for many girls and she never ceases to inspire us time and again with her beautiful to crazy tattoos that lend her an oomph factor unparalleled in the music industry. Her tattoos display her cuteness and the lively spirit that we have all come to love.

Despite all the turmoil in her personal life and career, Spears is still hanging in there and keeping her head up. As for her body art souvenirs, she appears to have marked the ups and downs of the past decades.

Spears has not explained the significance of each of the nine tattoos she has acquired over the years, but each is likely to hold great meaning for her.

Spears also has tattoos on her right wrist, her lower back, her bikini line, a dainty black butterfly flying above vines on the top of her right foot, and a tiny triangle on her right hand in addition to the neck tattoo. A fairy image is also tattooed on her lower back, a cross on her bikini line, and a tiny triangle tattoo on her right hand.

You must have a look at the 10 best tattoos sported by her:

Britney Spears Tattoos

What tattoos does Britney Spears have?

There are also a few other tattoos on Spears’ body. A Chinese symbol is engraved on the right side of her lower hips and a cross is engraved on the left side. Among her other tattoos are a fairy design on her lower back, a triangle on her hand, a pair of dice and lips on her wrists, and a butterfly on her right foot

Foot and Toe Tattoo

This tattoo represents her need to look beautiful and cute. The tattoo is inked using black color and is in the shape of a butterfly and flowers. This perhaps is one of the most talked about tattoos of all times.

Britney Spears Foot tattoo

Britney Spears Kabbalah Tattoo

Inspired by Madonna, Spears got this Kabbalah tattoo inked on the back of her neck in black. Though, the letters were a little jumbled up, they were soon redone again. It is rumored that Britney inked this tattoo following her break up from her ex husband Kevin Federline. The literal meaning of the tattoo is God. However, the beautiful tattoo was erased some years back.

Britney Spears kabbalah tattoo Britney Spears Kabbalah tattoo

Pink Lips Tattoo

This tattoo, to some, appeared weird when Britney showed it to the world. The tattoo, however looks adorable with soft pink lips that represent her inner search for love when she was undergoing a heartbreak. Such a tattoo is easy to be inked and takes no maintenance at all!

Britney Spears pink lip tattoo

Cross Tattoo

An intimate tattoo, the Cross tattoo on the left hip bone, is another cool design to flaunt. The cross is a symbol of faith and Britney got this done when she was undergoing trauma of some kind and needed to feel close to god. The tattoo isn’t very bright but still manages to catch attention just because its located on of the most famous hip bones!

Britney Spears cross tattoo

Dice Tattoo

Who could have imagined that the two love birds, ahem..her ex husband Kevin Federline and she would part their ways after getting their wrists inked with blue and pink dices? Well… this tattoo represents the strength of a person to undertake risks and also is a symbol of luck. She got it inked on her left wrist to match Kevin’s blue dice.

Britney Spears Dice tattoo

Flower and Chinese Symbol Tattoo

A very intimate place to get a tattoo, the flower tattoo is Chinese and symbolizes mystery. Yes, it has to be since we can never know what the actual Britney is all about! She is as mysterious as the sirens of mythical times. The flower is a daisy and in-between there is the Chinese symbol that adds beauty to the tattoo.

Britney Spears flower and chinese symbol tattoo

Neck Tattoo

One of the tattoos that probably looks the coolest is the neck tattoo on the right side of Britney’s neck. There are three star tattoos in pink and blue that are visible to the human eye.

Britney Spears neck tattoo

Swan Tattoo

Here we can see how chic Britney looks with her swan tattoo inked in black. The design looks quite interesting to the eyes. But….aren’t we missing out on something here? Well,we can also see a dragon peeping from her left breast and it looks quite a stunner.

Britney Spears tattoos

Fairy on The Lower Back Tattoo

We can clearly see how sassy Britney’s fairy tattoo looks on her lower back that is inked in the shape of a fairy. The design just gives you all the right reasons to love Miss Spears!

Britney Spears fairy tattoo

The above mentioned tattoos may look weird, but these are sensations the world over with girls going gaga on these pretty babies!

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