10 Most Well Known Tattoo Shops In NYC

No matter what your grandparents told you at the dinner table, a delicate tattoo is a spectacular way to tell this world who you are. A fabulous body art will be a fantastic message about what you stand for. No matter what you want to ink, a full sleeve or a stylish 3D character from the cartoon you like, a talented tattoo master will be the most important part in choosing a tattoo shop. So let’s go to some famous tattoo shops at NYC.

Up to 277 tattoo studios in big New York area, the big apple is the top tattooed city in US. Here are some great tattoo shops, which keep their reputation for a long time in NYC. It is worth to take some time looking into those best tattoo shops before you get your next ink mark.

Tattoo Shops In NYC


NY Adorned is always in the list of ‘the most famous tattoo shop in NYC’ for it’s good reputation. Its Brooklyn location was closed last year, so you can make appointment with all of its talented tattooers and piercers at the 2nd Avenue location.

-Style: everything, from Japanese styles to traditional-style color pieces, no matter you’re looking for a black-and-gray shading or a septum piercing

– ARTISTS: Yoni Zilber, Jase, Kris Magnotti, Bart Bingham, Brad Stevens, Dan Bythewood, Jose Chalarca

– UPCOMING GUEST ARTISTS: 2016: Gary Gerhardt, Dean Denney, Katie Gray

-Want to go? Walk-ins are welcome but it might take a while. 212-473-0007 nyadorned.com

-Location: 47 2nd Avenue in the East Village

10 Most Well Known Tattoo Shops In NYC3


Anil Gupta, the famed brains and hands behind ink line studio, will leave you a skillfully unique piece rather than a quick tat. But prepare to invest a lot of money and time because even a session of consultation can climb into hundreds and it can take a year to complete a work.

-Location: 62 Rivington Street on the Lower East Side

-Want to go? 212-228-3393 inklinestudio.com

10 Most Well Known Tattoo Shops In NYC4


Invisible is a tattoo studio and also an art gallery specializing in custom tattoos since 2006 and its artist team does great intricate work. No matter an easy piece or a masterpiece that takes over a year to complete, you can get the unique design with your very personal symbols.

-Style: traditional Japanese and American tattooing

-Owner: Troy Denning, who is a legend

-Want to go? Appointment-only. 212-228-1358  invisiblenyc.com

-Location: 148 Orchard Street between on the Lower East Side

10 Most Well Known Tattoo Shops In NYC5


Sacred is the most diverse shops in NYC, from Traditional to neo-traditional, from new school to realism, from Asian traditional to photorealism.

Since Wes Wood opened its doors Sacred Tattoo is different from others but is also changing with this city. As a prestigious studio, Sacred is also an art gallery, featuring many exhibitions all around the year.

Sacred’s guest artist program is always posting world wide famous top-notch guest names, such as Germany’s Randy Engelhard.

-Artist: Dave Tevenal, Jon Mesa, Matt Buck, Nick Wilcox, Camilla Rocha, Rods Jimenez, Andy B, Jessica V and Gunny

-Want to go? 212-226-4286 sacredtattoo.com

-Location: 24 Broadway in SoHo

10 Most Well Known Tattoo Shops In NYC6


Back to 1997, when tattooing was legalized in NYC, Daredevil was founded. So Dare Devil can give you an awesome old school, tradition style tattoo, including black and grey, traditional American and Japanese. But it doesn’t stop there. Style-wise, this top studio is specialized in custom tattoo types and you will find an artist suits your style.

When it comes to Japanese-style tats, Brad Fink and Bern are talented at small details and elaborate artwork. Brad Fink is also the masterminds behind Dare Devil’s sister shop, Fun City Tattoo.

You will also find this place as a tattoo museum, and all collections comes from co-owner Brad Fink’s personal collection that he amassed over the 27 years. You can find the history of tattooing in NYC at This Museum Of Tattoo History.

-Want to go? 212-533-8303 daredeviltattoo.com

-Location: 141 Division Street on the Lower East Side

10 Most Well Known Tattoo Shops In NYC7


the original Kings Avenue opened in 2005 on Long Island and expanded to Manhattan in 2011 right off the Bowery. The shop is best known for its super-clean and incredibly comfortable environment.

Kings is famous for its skilled style with small detail, from traditional Japanese and traditional American. Proprietor Mike Rubendall also keeps his high standard in hiring. You will meet very patient and attentive staff here, including guest artists, Brian Paul, Juan Puente and Kat Von. After a consultation with the artists, you will not walk away with anything other than a fabulous clean presentation.

-Artist: Mike Rubendall, Brian Paul, Juan Puente, Rose Hardy, Justin Weatherholtz, Grez, and Phil Szlosek; and many notable guest artists include Tim Hendricks and Kat Von D,

-Style: traditional Japanese and traditional American

-Want to go? 212-431-5464. kingsavenuetattoo.com

-Location: 188 Bowery in Nolita

10 Most Well Known Tattoo Shops In NYC8


East river tattoo is a very accommodating shop, and you will feel welcoming because every one, from the counter desk to talented artists, will talk with you and make you feel comfortable. This is also a very female-friendly place where you can find many interesting inspiration for girls.

-Artist: Liam, Rachel, Rob, Duke, Sue, Jenna Bouma’ as a residency

-What to go? It’s appointment in advance for a master artist. 718-532-8282, eastrivertattoo.com

-Location: 1047 Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

10 Most Well Known Tattoo Shops In NYC9


Not every piercings and tattoos store at St. Marks guarantee a good result, but by far Fun City is the most famous on the block: very clean place, accommodating staff and great artists who can turn the toughest work into a fine-lined masterpiece.

-Artist: Mina Aoki and Claire Vuillemot

-What to go? Cash only. 212-353-8282 funcitytattoo.com

-Location: 94 St. Marks Place at the East Village

10 Most Well Known Tattoo Shops In NYC10


A old tattoo guest describes this spot as “the best shop in the world,” and you will never regret of choosing this studio. The artist here will always insist in painting the best tattoo they think and they will be straight with you when you bring a bad idea. You will never left smith street tattoo parlor with a bad piece of ink.

-Style: traditional American tattoo specializing in bold, beautiful pieces.

-Artist: Bert Krak, Steve Boltz, and Eli Quinters, Dan Santoro,

-Want to go? Make an appointment or walk-in if you do not mind waiting. 718-643-0463 smithstreettattoo.com

-Location: 411 Smith Street in Gowanus, Brooklyn

10 Most Well Known Tattoo Shops In NYC11


For both first-timers and regular visitors, this Green point spot is a tattoo mecca and you can get a bunch of tattoo lovers to talk to. Good work will never go cheap but you pay a fair price for it.

Three Kings have been listed as one of the top tattoo shops by the Village Voice, New York magazine, Gothamist and more. It does many events each year, and works with Adult Swim,Dockers, Sailor Jerry and other famous names. This was also where rapper Waka Flocka got “the baddest girl in the world” tattooed on his leg. Its artists have designs for Calvin Klein and Commes de Garcon.

Three Kings is special because it does some of the best custom work in the world with appointment as well as accepting walk-ins 12-10pm every day. At weekends, you might find some lines out the door, because it’s one of the most diverse shops artistically and builts on old fashioned customer service,education, and solid work as well.

-Artist:19 resident artists and have 25-50 guest artists a year from all over the world

-Owner: Matt Marcus and Alex McWatt

-Want to go? It encourages walk-ins and appointments are available at two locations. 718-349-7755 or 212-505-8287  threekingstattoo.com

-Location: 572 Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and 181 Ave. B, East Village, New York, NY.


10 Most Well Known Tattoo Shops In NYC12

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