15 Best Miley Cyrus Tattoos – Complete Style Guide

Miley Cyrus is known for her 74 -78 tattoos. The following is a list of Miley’s tattoos from the shoulder motorcycle to quotes on her wrist. Miley ceases to surprise her fans with her wild antics as well as her league of tattoos. She, as we all know by now, has a fetish for tattoos and never stops getting them.

Take a look below as I list down the top 15 Miley Cyrus tattoos that range from pretty to wild:

Miley Cyrus Tattoos

How many tattoos Miley Cyrus have?

The number of Miley tattoos may be too numerous to list here since she has 74 tattoos. As a final note, Miley does have a few tattoos on her fingers and hands. Please take a look at them. When Miley was just 17 years old, she received her first tattoo.

Miley Cyrus Side Tribal Tattoo

Inked bang on one of her sides is a pretty black colored tribal tattoo design that is a very popular motif and is seen on women quite commonly. The feathers in the design are attached to a circular emblem that looks tribal in na.

Miley Cyrus side tribal tattoo

Miley Cyrus Love Tattoo On Left Arm

On her left upper arm is carved a love tattoo that reads ‘Love never dies’. It is a simple design inked in jet black. The writing is done in an informal style and looks neat and pretty. This tattoo design is one of the most popular tattoos flaunted by Cyrus and fans love it too.

Miley Cyrus love tattoo on left arm

Miley Cyrus Inscription Tattoo

On the inside of her left forearm is inked an inscription design that is carved in black and is a quote taken from President Roosevelt’s speech. The speech was delivered in the year 1910 and always motivated Cyrus so much so that she went ahead and got the whole quote inked.

Miley Cyrus inscription tattoo

Miley Cyrus Breathe Tattoo Under The Left Breast

The singer is known to have a penchant for getting weird but innovative tattoos inked and seen here is a tattoo design inked just below her left breast that says ‘Breathe’. The design is inked in black and looks cool and smart.

Miley Cyrus Breathe tattoo design under the left breast

Miley Cyrus Grandma Tattoo on Arm

As a mark of love and respect for her lovable grandmother, the celebrity singer got a pic of her grandma inked on her right forearm. The portrait is that of a younger version of the old lady and looks very pretty.

Miley Cyrus grandma tattoo on arm

Miley Cyrus Anchor Tattoo on The Wrist

Carved on her right wrist is a beautiful anchor tattoo motif that looks pretty and cool. A anchor design is loved by most as it is symbolical and looks beautiful too. An anchor offers steady foundation and keeps the ship from floating away.

Miley Cyrus anchor tattoo design on the wrist

Miley Cyrus Arrow Tattoo

The celebrity singer got yet another smart tattoo designed and this time it was two crossed arrows carved in black over the elbows. These arrows look cute and are small in size but they sure manage to enthrall her fans.

Miley Cyrus arrow tattoo design

Miley Cyrus Wrist Tattoo

On her wrist, there is yet another tattoo that reads ‘Radiate Love’ and looks quite a charming piece. It is inked in black and is carved in an ornamental font making the design stand out and hold your attention.

Miley Cyrus anchor tattoo design on the wrist

Miley Cyrus Small Heart Tattoo on Finger

Tattoos have a way to find their way to Miley who simply never seems to stop but keeps going on tattooing more motifs that she loves. Seen here in the pic is a beautiful and cute heart design inked on her pinky finger.

Miley Cyrus small heart tattoo on finger

Miley Cyrus Love Tattoo Inside Ears

Inside her ears is a love tattoo design inked. The tattoo is small in size but looks clear and can be visible if you look closely. Miley loves getting tattoos and has tremendous belief in the power of love. Many of her tattoos are based on these feelings and these really make her one of the most loved celebrities.

Miley Cyrus Love tattoo inside ears

Miley Cyrus Naked Tattoo

The singer has much fan following and so much is the frenzy that fans get tattoos of her on themselves. This fan of hers has gotten a naked carica of the singer that looks very funny and shows her totally in the nude and with her tongue out. This is her signa style and has been carved beautifully on the skin.

Miley Cyrus naked tattoo design

Miley Cyrus Claw Tattoo On Inner Arm

The claw tattoo is the nineteenth design to be inked on the singer and appears to be a claw of a bigger animal like a bear. A bear claw symbolizes power and inner willpower and this is what the singer needs in her life too. The motif is inked in black and white.

Miley Cyrus claw tattoo on inner arm

Miley Cyrus Roman Numeral Arm Tattoo

There is a black and clear Roman numeral inked on her arm. This is a mystery tattoo as we do not know what it means or what prompted Miley to get one but it seems she got inspired by Rihanna who also sports a numeral tattoo design.

Miley Cyrus Roman numeral arm tattoo

Miley Cyrus Rolling Stone Tattoo Beneath Her Feet

After she got her claw tattoo inked, there comes yet another design that was carved immediately after the claw. The Rolling Stones design is inked right below her feet. It is inked in black. May be the singer is a huge fan of this band and this was done to honor them.

Miley Cyrus Rolling Stone tattoo beneath her feet

Miley Cyrus Om Tattoo

On the inner wrist of her left hand is inked a tiny Om design that is a symbol of universe and represents Hindu Philosophy. The singer has gotten this tattoo inked after a series of other minia tattoos on her fingers.

Miley Cyrus Roman numeral arm tattoo

Miley Cyrus Om tattoo design

Miley Cyrus is a celebrity singer who loves to ink varied designs on her body and sports a large number of them. All her tattoos have a meaning and some have been carved just for fun and frolic. These are the top 15 Miley Cyrus tattoos that I have collected for her fans. You too can get these babies inked and walk on Cyrus’s footsteps!

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