15 Forearm Tattoo Ideas for Men

Tattoos are loved by men and women all across the globe. Some are inked on hands, while others are carved on other body parts that range from arms, legs, ears, face, back, ribs and thighs. Here, we are going to throw some light on forearm tattoos that are specifically meant for men and are very popular the world over.

The top 15 forearm men tattoos range from simple to more complex designs.

Tattoos On The Forearm For Men

1. Star and woman forearm tattoo design

Inked in jet black color, the man’s inner forearm is carved with a very attractive image of a woman’s face with strands of hair flying here and there. Seen also in the background are small stars that look beautiful and compliment the whole motif.

Star and woman forearm tattoo design


2. Tribal forearm tattoo design

Tribal motifs always manage to cap attention wherever they go. That is what is happening here when I see this beautiful tribal tattoo inked in jet black on this man’s forearm. The design is very bold and thick and looks pretty attractive. Most tribal tattoos are inked by men as these look very masculine and have a raw sensual appeal.

Tribal forearm tattoo design


3. Cool forearm tattoo design

The motifs resemble a weapon and are done in black. On one forearm, the front portion is carved while on the other, the back part is printed beautifully, showing all the inner sockets and pipes. Some portions have been shaded fully and appear very smart and eye grabbing.

Cool forearm tattoo design


4. Beautiful forearm quote tattoo design

Quotes are always a popular choice as tattoo designs that are loved by all. In the image below is a black colored quote tattoo that is carved on the forearm of the wearer and appears to be very attractive. It is an inspirational quote that aims at motivating one to never fear anything but believe in the power of god.

Beautiful forearm quote tattoo design


5. Amazing rose and woman tattoo forearm design

The forearm has been decorated with three different motifs, each looking very creative and mind blowing. There is a face of a beautiful woman all decked up with a big red rose pinned on her hair. On the other forearm there is a ghostly looking skull with roses all around and a black raven flying from one angle. Red and black have been used in plenty to add brightness.

Amazing rose and woman tattoo forearm design


6. Black patterned kite and small flower forearm tattoo design

The design inked on the forearm looks very beautiful in black patterns and seems to have some kind of effect on the eyes. There is also a small flower inked on top of the kite that looks cute with green flowers. The whole motif is unique and is rare to be seen. The use of black has accentuated the look of the tattoo.

Black patterned kite and small flower forearm tattoo design


7. Horse race forearm tattoo design

The three horses and their jockeys look extremely good and smart on the forearm of the wearer. The design is inscribed on the back of the forearm and is the latest trend among people who are either into horse racing or just like the masculine power of the sport that gives a high adrenaline rush to the senses.

Horse race forearm tattoo design


8. Bio mechanical forearm tattoo design

Seen on the forearm in the given image is a beautiful and engaging bio mechanical design of a robot. While, the face of the robot is inked on the upper arms, the lower portion is carved on the forearms showing pipes, red buttons and inner wires of the machinery.

Bio mechanical forearm tattoo design


9. Fashionable forearm tattoo design

The man here is sporting a very cool and funky tattoo design that says ‘LifeZ A Trip’ in icy blue color. The whole motif expresses a positive and carefree attitude of the wearer and looks very trendy. It is mostly meant for younger boys and is in fashion these days.

Fashionable forearm tattoo design


10. Beautiful black forearm tattoo design

The black colored design looks astounding with its fantastic font and the pattern. It is a word tattoo that is a very popular choice both among males and females that love to ink names of people or places they like and cherish. The motif appears very decorative with artistic work on display.

Beautiful black forearm tattoo design


11. Black symbols forearm tattoo design

The rarer the design, the better it catches everyone’s attention! This is what can be said of this motif that looks phenomenal since it is a unique design or group of designs resembling some emblems or symbols specific to a community. The symbols are all inked in black and are carved very neatly.

Black symbols forearm tattoo design


12. Face forearm tattoo design

The face of a man inked on the forearm looks pretty scary as it is shown with its eyes closed and the jaws stitched all the way up from mouth to the ears. The whole design is carved creatively with nude colors and it manages to raise goosebumps all over you!

Face forearm tattoo design


13. Creative forearm tattoo design

Right in the middle of the forearm is carved a very beautiful motif that looks really awesome. The design resembles a bracelet with shades of black and skin colors on display. The tattoo is unique in appearance and is very bold. Forearms can be used for printing huge tattoos easily.

Creative forearm tattoo design


14. Attractive cross forearm tattoo design

Cross tattoos are loved by everyone for their sheer beauty as well as for religious significance. Seen here is a beautiful huge cross tattoo inked in black on the forearm of the wearer. The cross design is not a simple one but comes along with an ornamental motif carved in a circular shape that lends it more beauty and enigma.

Attractive cross forearm tattoo design


15. Rare cross forearm tattoo design

It is yet another rare cross tattoo that looks astounding with a wooden colored cross surrounded by a banner that reads ‘Immortal Through Christ”. The whole design appears quite beautiful and the color combo of light brown, nude and black adds to its charm.


Men like their tattoos to be seen by everyone and hence forearms are a good place to flaunt these and let others take notice of the masculine power inbuilt in these hunks. Forearm tattoos have always fascinated men and the list above will surely offer help in choosing the best designs that are taking the world by storm!

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