15 Most Attractive Places For Girl To Get A Tattoo

Are you a sexy girl and have always wanted to sport a cool tattoo? What are you waiting for as here comes a terrific list that comprises the top 15 places where you should get a tattoo. A girl’s feminine body is best suited for tattooing and almost all parts of her anatomy look good inked. However, there are certain parts that look sexier than others when carved, and hence, you must look below to get an idea.

Tattoo Placements

1. Tattoo on cleavage

A girl’s cleavage is perhaps the sexiest part which can be inked with various sexy designs. However, one needs to be choosy when selecting the perfect design as breasts are delicate areas and will get injured very easily. Some designs are too harsh and will look trashy. Hence choose motifs that are soft and look charming like the one seen below. The cleavage of this pretty lass is inked with a bunch of red flowers held together by a big shimmering diamond. It is a love tattoo that looks very beautiful and soft.

Tattoo on cleavage


2. Tattoo on back of the shoulder

Another cool place to get a tattoo is the back of your shoulder since this is one place on your body that would not hurt as much as other parts would. Also, the shoulder back looks cute with any kind of motif like the cute looking bird tattoo that is seen carved on the girl. The bird is surrounded with a label that says ‘heart means everything’. The tattoo is pretty and looks good here.

Tattoo on back of the shoulder


3. Tattoo on inner wrist

If you want to flaunt your tattoo, then the best place to get it would be your inner wrists. This place is just perfect to ink small designs that range from symbols, animals to quotes. The pic below shows a girl’s inner wrist being carved with a beautiful motif of a black rabbit that is shown as if its dreaming of love. There are two tiny pink hearts etched over its head. The design looks cute on the wrists.

Tattoo on inner wrist


4. Tattoo on hip

‘Hips of a woman don’t lie, but they always looks sexy’!! Ha ha ha…on a serious note, a woman’s hip is another place that can look spectacular with any kind of tattoo. However, one needs to be sure if she wants to get her hips inked as the hip area is a delicate place that will hurt a lot than most other places. One must select a smaller design to begin with. Seen here is a lovely looking Hello Kitty tattoo who is shown as a fairy. The size of this tattoo is small and is the best when you are starting to get yourself carved.

Tattoo on hip


5. Tattoo on ankle

Ankle is the best part of a girl to get tattooed as this is one body part that can carry off any type of design and one can flaunt them all the time without forcing others to ogle at them. One can ink a small design or a bigger one depending on her whim. Seen here is an ankle of a girl that has been carved with a beautiful motif of a pink star that has a rainbow of smaller stars floating above it. One can enhance the look of this tattoo by wearing an anklet with wedges.

Tattoo on ankle


6. Tattoo on Collar Bone

The collar bone in your body can accommodate any type of design, and the best part is that you do not have to flaunt it all the time! Yes, it is such a place where one can hide her tattoo in case she is not up for showing it to the public or at office. The collar bone is a very sexy place to have a tattoo like the beautiful feather inked in the image that shows it transforming into a cluster of beautiful black birds reaching for the sky.

Tattoo on Collar Bone


7. Tattoo behind the ear

The backside of the ears of a girl are just perfect to ink small tattoos. There are a number of cool designs available when inking behind the ears, and you do get to hide them easily when you aren’t in the mood to show them. In the image is seen a girl sporting a beautiful small Hindu symbol known as Om. Its inked in Hindi and looks very attractive in black.

Tattoo behind the ear


8. Tattoo on inner arm

Perfect for a symbol or an inscription to be inked is the inner arm that looks attractive for any girl irrespective of her age. One can get beautiful quotes and symbols carved that look feminine and very elegant too. The girl in the image is sporting a beautiful bird with a message designed that says ‘Forever Young’ and looks awesome in jet black.

Tattoo on inner arm


9. Tattoo at the back of the neck

For a woman or a young girl, the side or front of the neck isn’t a very good place to get a tattoo, but the back of the neck is the perfect place to flaunt any design as desired. It is a convenient place to get inked as one can hide it simply by untying her hair and can show if off whenever desire strikes! In the pic given below is a woman who has got the back of her neck inked with a beautiful motif of a cross. The black and white motif looks awesome on the skin.

Tattoo at the back of the neck


10. Tattoo on Spine

According to most women, the spine is their preferred choice when getting a tattoo simply because it is a sexy body part where one can play with designs and flaunt them with style. However, the spine is a place that would hurt the most when getting carved. It is a better idea to opt for smaller tattoos in case you are a novice. The image shows a girl, who in all probabilities is a pro in getting tattooed, wearing a beautiful phoenix motif inked in black color. The design is quite huge and looks very attractive on her spine, thereby accentuating her curves.

Tattoo on Spine


11. Tattoo on ribs

Another place that is going to hurt bad is the rib, but it is also one of the most popular choices when women think of getting inked. Why? You may wonder. It is because the place is just too feminine and just beneath the breasts that makes any tattoo appear sexy. For example, the ribs of this girl have been transformed into a beautiful canvas of art by inking four beautiful birds who are shown flying with their wings spread wide, as if trying to gain freedom.

Tattoo on ribs


12. Tattoo on front shoulder

A girl can get different kinds of tattoos to be inked on her front shoulders, but its not a very common place to get inked since everyone thinks of getting carved either on the back or on the nape of the neck. However, it is an equally beautiful place to flaunt any type of tattoo you want. Seen in the image is a very attractive design of a gigantic flower inked on the front shoulder of the girl. Such is the beauty of this design that it attracts the attention of everyone who passes by!

Tattoo on front shoulder


13. Tattoo on feet

Your foot can carry off a number of tattoo designs as this is one place in the body that can be covered anytime and one can sport many attractive designs here. How would you like to flaunt a cool foot tattoo as the one seen below that shows the foot of a girl inked with beautiful flowers? Well, the motif looks awesome in black and white, specially with the black shading done in the background. Now , you can slip on a pair of cool flip flops and make the world take notice of your feet!

Tattoo on feet

14. Tattoo on lower back

I have seen many girls flaunting exotic lower back tattoos that look astonishing and very feminine. However, there are a few designs that one must avoid as these lend a trashy look. The sexy heart and flower tattoo inked on the lower back of this girl in the image looks very appealing and feminine with a big black heart inked along with colourful flowers and decorative patterns. The design is simple and in no way will attract unwanted attention.

Tattoo on lower back


15. Tattoo under the breasts

If inking your cleavage isn’t a good idea for you, there are other safer options like the under part of your breasts that can look awesome with any type of tattoo. Most women who are skeptical of inking their cleavages opt for this body part as it can be hidden when needed. In the image can be seen a beautiful floral motif inked in black under the breasts of this girl. The motif is very feminine and looks ornamental.

Tattoo under the breasts


Girls have a lot of options to choose from when getting inked as most of their anatomical parts are well suited to accommodate any kind of tattoo design. From the humble foot, chest to the lower back, every part of a woman seems to ooze out oomph when tattooed. One should, however, be careful in choosing the right kind of motif as this will stay for a lifetime and no one wants to repent getting it done later.

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