15 Sexy Ear Tattoo Ideas for Girls

Ear tattoos are not only attractive, but they are sexy too. The placement makes them to become easily visible and is perfect for girls who are fond of tying their hair up. So if you are thinking of getting a tattoo on your ear, whether it’s behind the ear or on the ear itself, make sure that you choose something that is really cute. As they say, your tattoos reflect your personality as a person. The great thing is that there are now lots of sexy ear tattoo ideas for girls that you may find really attractive and cute. Below are some of them.

Sexy Ear Tattoos

1. Feather Tattoo

The feather tattoo is definitely sexy especially if it is as colorful as the one shown in the pic. This tattoo design has become popular when it was first seen on Demi Lovato, the famous American actress and singer. While Demi’s feather tattoo is of green shade only, adding some colors in your feather ear tattoo can help to make it appear even sexier.

colorful feather tattoo

2. Beautiful Stars

These pretty little stars are also another cute and sexy design for a tattoo behind your ears. They are not boring to look at since they consist of a group of stars in different sizes and while others are shaded, some stars are blank. Those small dots that surround the stars also add beauty to the overall design of the tattoo.

pretty little stars


3. Paws Tattoo

If you are fond of dogs, especially cute little puppies, then why don’t you consider getting paws tattoo on your ear? This is especially true for dog owners who want to pay homage to their most loved pet who may have left a great impact on their life. You can choose to ink just one paw behind your ear, or if you want, you can follow the pic below where there are four cute little paws.

cute little puppies


4. Flock of Birds

Most tattoos often come with personal meanings, such as this flock of birds flying behind the ears. For others, this could mean having the freedom to explore the world. While for some people, this could mean flying around, looking for a particular purpose or meaning in their life. But regardless of the meaning of this tattoo design, it sure looks great and is something that you may want to consider when getting an ear tattoo.

tattoo with personal meanings


5. Girly Tribal Flowers

If you want a chic and girly tattoo on your ears, then this design of tribal flowers would be a perfect choice. Aside from the design shown in the pic below, there are several other beautiful flower designs you can choose from. The great thing about getting some flowers inked on your ear is that they look really attractive and can easily gather attention without being too vulgar.

chic and girly tattoo


6. Little Star Tattoo

If you are thinking of getting just a simple but sexy tattoo right within your ear itself, then this little star design would be a great choice. Getting a star tattoo come with several meanings as well. The start could serve as a light that could guide you through life. It can also serve as hope, dream, goals, etc.

simple but sexy tattoo


7. Yin Yang Tattoo

The Yin Tang tattoo on the ear is a Chinese inspired tattoo. The symbol means a circle of life and that the good will not exist without the bad. Yin is the black side while yang is the white side. What makes this tattoo design a popular choice for the ear or other parts of the body is its simplicity. Yet, behind such simplicity is a deeper meaning.

Chinese inspired tattoo


8. Butterfly Tattoo

Another girly design for a tattoo on the ear is the butterfly. Most butterfly tattoos are very colorful and having it on your ear certainly commands attention no matter how big or small the tattoo might be. The tattoo will look even more attractive if it comes with a glossy tex such as the one shown below. The glitter effect on the side of the butterfly image makes the tattoo to appear even sexier.

girly design tattoo


9. Rose Tattoo

A rose design is one of the most popular tattoo designs for girls, so getting a rose tattoo on your ear is a great choice if you want to express your girly side. Indeed, a rose symbolizes feminism and in fact, it is an epitome of beauty. So if you want to look and feel beautiful, then get a rose tattoo on your ear.

most popular tattoo designs


10. Love Tattoo

Whether you are in a relationship or not, getting a Love tattoo right behind your ear is definitely sexy. Combine it with a heart symbol and your tat will certainly gather attention wherever you may go. There are lots of reasons why people would want the word love inked on their ear. Perhaps, they find this word to be very powerful and maybe such word has a significant meaning in their life. In fact, there are so many celebrities who had that word inked on their body and one of them is Miley Cyrus who happens to have the Love word inked inside her ear.

tattoo with significant meaning


11. Initials Tattoo

Getting an initial tattoo is becoming very common nowadays. It is simple, but it serves as a significant symbol in your life. It could be an initial of your name, a loved one, or just any letter of a word that you may find very important in your life. While this tattoo can be found on several parts all over a person’s body, getting an initial tattoo on your ear is definitely sexy.

significant symbol tattoo


12. Flying Bird Tattoo

A single flying bird inked right behind your ear is also a great idea for a sexy tattoo design. A bird tattoo comes with several meanings, especially if it is flying. A flying bird could signify freedom and hope. The type of bird also comes with meanings, like a hummingbird signifies simplicity or femininity. Other choices for bird tattoo on the ear are peacock which could mean luxury or wealth and another is the owl which could mean knowledge.

signify freedom and hope


13. Music Notes

If you love music, getting some music notes tattooed inside your ear might be something that will fancy you. This design of a tattoo is both artistic and sexy and just by mere looking at it, people will immediately know that you are someone who adores music. This is very popular among famous singers and one of them is Jojo who had one musical note inked inside her ear.

both artistic and sexy


14. Spider Tattoo

The spider is one of the smartest predators on earth, known for their ability to intricately weave spider webs. They are also said to be very patient since they have utmost perseverance in waiting for their prey. So if you find yourself with the same trait as that of a spider, then getting a spider design for your ear tattoo is a good idea. A 3D spider design such as the one shown below would be a great choice. It is sexier and definitely commands attention.

smartest predator tattoo

15. Tribal Tattoo

If you want an attention grabbing tattoo for your ear, then this tribal tattoo design would be a good choice. It is very unique so it is rare that you can find someone with this same tattoo design. If you want to be bold and different, then this will be the perfect tat for you. You may want to incorporate more colors to it as well, instead of merely choosing plain black for your ink.

attention grabbing tattoo


There you have it, the sexiest ear tattoo design ideas for girls. So if you are thinking of getting inked on your ear anytime soon, simply choose from one of the designs above and you’ll sure to have a tattoo that will be the envy of your friends.

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