Top 18 Gun Tattoo Designs for Women

Guns, among other weapons, are the most popular tattoo designs inked by both men and women. Guns are inked sometimes to show power, while, most times, it is just for fun that people get these motifs carved on different parts and in different avatars. Look below to lay your eyes on the top 18 gun tattoo designs for women that are sexy and look awesome:

Tattoos Of Guns

1. Gun tattoo on the thigh

Seen in the image is a beautiful black gun tattoo design inked along with a pistol grip that lends attractiveness to the whole thigh. The color used is black and makes the motif look appealing to the eyes.

Gun tattoo on the thigh


2. Pink gun tattoo

Sometimes women like to get such tattoos inked that matches them not just in style but also with their outfits! Seen below is a beautiful and sweet pinkish gun design inked bang on the thigh of this girl that matches her pink mini. It looks beautiful along with an ornamental pistol grip that has some intricate art work carved.

Pink gun tattoo


3. Hearts and gun tattoo

Between two beautiful red hearts is a big powerful gun inscribed on the back that appears cute and sexy at the same time. The beauty of this design doubles up with the small flowers inked along side. The girl wearing this tattoo probably has a sister or a friend whose name is inked along with hers in the design.

Hearts and gun tattoo


4. Colorful gun tattoo

This design of a gun is a rare motif that is totally different in looks and appeal. While mostly, you would see gun designs inked either in black or one shade, this motif is a colorful combination of a myriad shades and hues. It is inked just solely without any pistol grip or other design which makes it look attractive and interesting. The beaded motif towards the trigger of the gun looks like a heart and has a charming look.

Gun Tattoo Designs for Women

5. Military gun tattoo on the lower back

This design is very popular among women that love to ink guns in the military style. The two black colored guns are carved on either sides of the back slanting downwards towards the hips and look very smart and sexy. Mostly, military women get this design inked but now days, others too are getting this motif inked because of its smart appeal.

Military gun tattoo on the lower back


6. Huge gun tattoo on the upper back

On the back there is inked a very smart looking black shaded gun design with no other colors added. The gun is gigantic in size and appears quite beautiful with specifications clearly inked so that the viewers can easily see the make and built of the gun. The black used in the gun blends easily with the nude shading done that enhances its appeal.

Huge gun tattoo on the upper back


7. Sexy gun tattoo

These guns look extremely sexy pointed towards the crotch area. The design is inked by most young girls as it looks sexy and smart too. Seen below are two gun motifs inked in a slanting shape , with each one of them pointing towards the crotch. Black is used to enhance the look of the tattoo.

Sexy gun tattoo


8. Gun tattoo with a bow

While, there are a lot of gun designs in black that are seen carved on women, this one in black and pink bow looks cute and feminine too. Most gun tattoos are inked in black and are meant specially for guys, but designs such as this one seen below symbolizes strength and power inbuilt in a woman. The highlight of this design is the cute bow that matches well with the lower clothing worn by the wearer.

Gun tattoo with a bow


9. Pretty gun tattoo

The gun design seen below in blue color is a creative motif carved along with two banners inked on top and at the bottom with punchlines that say ‘pretty’ and ‘deadly’. The gun is carved as if slanting downwards and these punchlines make it look even sexier. One can see pretty little red and pink spots inked throughout the design that makes it look charming.

Pretty gun tattoo


10. Awesome gun holster

This gun design is inked as an outline where no black shading is done inside the gun which looks sexy and so does the holster that holds it. The holster motif is very common among women and is mostly done on the thighs. Seen below is a beautiful holster motif carved in black with intricate designs inked on the borders that enhances the look.

Awesome gun holster


11. Roses and gun tattoo

With two beautiful bright red colored roses and a majestic looking gun lodged in the middle, the whole motif seems to come alive and appears very bright and awesome. On the top there is inked ‘true’ and at the bottom, ‘love’ that enhance the appeal and make the gun look charming. Within the gun, there are beautiful patterns inked that cap your attention.

Roses and gun tattoo


12. Protruding gun tattoo

The upper back in the image is inked with two guns protruding outwards with a message carved that hints about an undying love of this girl for a man named Abdul. The message is carved in the middle of the two guns and says ‘I live for you, I die for you’. This design has a meaning and symbolizes love.

Protruding gun tattoo


13. Small gun tattoo on the ribs

Small gun designs look good and can be inked anywhere with ease. In the image below, the girl is sporting a small black colored gun tattoo that looks very simple but sexy at the same time. It is a tiny motif and anchors pretty comfortably on the ribs.

Small gun tattoo on the ribs


14. Vine gun tattoo

A very creative gun design can be seen carved on the arms in this image. The gun is inked in black with an outline of a rose carved besides it. The gun is shown as if surrounded with leaves and looks just fabulous. While, the color used in most part of the gun is light black, but towards the end, we see a dark shading in the handle that makes the tattoo look awesome.

Vine gun tattoo


15. Finger gun tattoo

The fingers too can be inked with tiny looking designs and seen in the image is a smart and cute black gun motif inked on one of the fingers of this woman. It looks nice and very pretty with its dark black color and small size.

Finger gun tattoo


16. Skull and gun tattoo

Lodged bang in the middle of the lower back is a smart gun tattoo carved with a skull in between. The highlight of this design are the two guns facing upwards with a skull, wearing a hat that stares at you point blank!

Skull and gun tattoo


17. Beautiful gun tattoo with a flower

The back looks sexy with this awesome black gun design that also has a majestic flower anchored in the middle of the two guns. The guns are pointing towards the upper neck and look very attractive.

Beautiful gun tattoo with a flower


18. Gun and star tattoo

Anchored beautifully on the lower abdomen, are the two guns that look extremely attention grabbing with black coloring done in these designs. The impression created is that of two guns lodged in the denim shorts with a star inked just below the naval. From the other end of the denim, we can see the gun’s barrel jetting out.

Gun and star tattoo


Gun tattoos are masculine but these look very sexy on women too, if done in the right way. Feminine designs like guns with roses and hearts are very popular these days and many girls are carving these motifs just for fun. Go through this list and am sure you would find one for yourself that suits you!

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