20 Famous Celebrities With Their Attractive Tattoos

The coolest celebrity tattoos that will have you hooked. These celebrity tattoos have special meanings behind them. Find out with this guide.

Tattoos have been around since 6,000 BC and they are becoming really popular these days. It is considered as a way for people to express themselves and their beliefs through this amazing type of art.

Many would think that the reason why people get “inked” is to show the world how cool they are and to prove how strong they are because they are able to endure the pain of several needles being inserted into the dermis layer of their skin.

Famous celebrities all over the world also define their individuality and uniqueness through tattoos. For these “inked” icons, tattoos hold a much deeper meaning than the aforementioned.

Whether it is through their music, their fashion choices, their acting skills, or even their tattoos, celebrities and influencers are known for celebrating their creativity.

A lot of our favorite celebrities are getting inked up (check out Selena Gomez), and they’re using Instagram as an art gallery to display their latest pieces. Of course, in typical celebrity fashion, all of their new tattoos are incredible, so good that you might find some inspo for your next tattoo appointment.

Sexy Celebrities With Tattoos

Megan Fox Tattoos

One of the world’s sexiest actresses has a total of 8 tattoos! The famous ones are the Shakespeare quote found on the right shoulder blade which says, “We will all laugh at gilded butterflies”, the pic of Marilyn Monroe on the right forearm and a poem written by the actress herself which says, “there once was a little girl who never knew love until a boy broke her HEART” inked on the left ribcage.

Celebrity side tattoos

David Beckham Tattoos

Unquestionably the hottest football player who have ever played the sport has a total of… 32 tattoos! The most important ones are those that are involving his kids. He has a guardian angel tattoo on his back with the names of his boys, Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz written above and below it. Near his neck, there is an elegant tattoo with the name of his only daughter, Harper. On his chest, there is a portrait of Jesus being lifted up by his 3 sons (represented as cherubs).

David Beckham Tattoos

Katy Perry Tattoos

The award-winning and Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter has a total of 6 tattoos. Coming from religious family, the oldest one is the “Jesus” tattoo inked on her left wrist, which she got when she was 18. Another notable tattoo is the one found on her right biceps (inside part) which says, ““Anuugacchati Pravaha”, in Sanskrit. It simply means, “Go with the flow!”

Katy Perry Sanskrit tattoo

Angelina Jolie Tattoos

The world-renowned actress, film director and author has about a dozen tattoos. Quite a few has been removed and covered up with new ones. The famous ones are the one found on the left shoulder blade written in Khmer script, an Arabic script tattoo on her right arm which means, “Determination”, and geographical coordinates on her left arm which indicates the locations where her children were born.

Female celebrity tattoos

Heidi Klum Tattoos

The iconic supermodel has a single tattoo on the inside part of her right arm. It is an abstract-type of tattoo with 3 stars. It represents the name of her ex-husband, Seal, and the initial of her 3 children inside the stars. She has undergone several treatments to remove her ex-husband’s name from the tattoo.

abstract type of tattoo

Harry Styles Tattoos

The hottest One Direction star has well over 50 tattoos! You can see a lot of numbers, weird scribbles and several symbols inked all over his body. Notable ones are the 2 sparrows on his chest and the really big butterfly tattoo on the abdomen part. The singer does admit that he regrets some of his tattoos.

50 tattoos

Brad Pitt – Celebrity Tattoos

Angelina Jolie’s equally famous partner has over a dozen tattoos all over his body. The prominent ones are those that are found at his back (sketched linear pattern with tiny, choppy lines), a mummy sketch of Otzi (oldest mummy in Europe) on his left forearm, a Sanskrit text on his lower back and Angie’s birthdate inked in Khmer script on his lower stomach.

dozen tattoos all over

Eva Longoria – Celebrity Tattoos

The sexy Desperate Housewives star has a total of six tattoos. The really popular ones are those that are dedicated to her ex-husband, Tony Parker. Inked on the inside part of her right wrist in roman numerals is her wedding date, July 7, 2007. The word, “NINE” is found below her neck, the number worn by Tony Parker on his San Antonio Spurs jersey. Currently, she is undergoing tattoo removal for the 3 tattoos that she dedicated to her ex-husband. Other notable ones are the Celtic cross found on her lower back and a tiny star on the inside part of her left wrist.

roman numerals tattoo

Vanessa Hudgens – Celebrity Tattoos

The former Disney darling has quite a few tattoos and the popular ones are those found across both of her hands (om symbol), half is on one pinky finger and the other half on the other pinky. There is another one on the left side of her neck, that of a colorful butterfly.

pinky finger tatttoo

Justin Bieber – Celebrity Tattoos

The ever-popular and at times infamous pop star has about 20 tattoos. He got his first tat after his 16th birthday, a tiny bird inked near his hip. He also has a matching ink with his dad, the word, “Yeshua” (Hebrew word for Jesus), on the left ribcage. Other noted tattoos are those on his back (left) of a Canadian Junior Ice Hockey team and a portrait of Jesus Christ on his left leg.

tiny bird inked

Rihanna – Celebrity Tattoos

The super-famous Barbadian singer and actress currently has about 22 tattoos! All of them are fairly little and all are meaningful to the star. The famous ones are those found on her foot (music note), a Pisces symbol behind the right ear, a Sanskrit prayer located on the right side of her body (above the waist to the top of the butt) and an Arabic script on the left ribcage.

Tattoos of Rihanna

Rita Ora – Celebrity Tattoos

The British singer-songwriter has about 13 tattoos to date. The popular ones are found on her ribcage (a naked woman smelling a flower and clutching her breast), a letter “R” tattoo behind the left ear, a dove tattoo inked by famous tattoo artist, Bang Bang, found on the back of her neck and shoulders and 3 finger tattoos which says, Hope, Love and Promise.

dove tattoo

Jennifer Lopez – Celebrity Tattoos

This Latina beauty sort-of shocked us when she appeared with a massive dragon/skull tattoo on her back and the word, “Lideres” tattooed across her collarbone in her latest music video, “Follow the Leader”. Don’t worry, folks, those are just temporary ones. J.Lo does have a real dolphin tat on her right shoulder-blade.

real dolphin tat

The Rock Tattoos

The world-renowned WWE superstar and actor has 2 tattoos. One is found on the upper-right arm and the tat is that of a bull head. The second ink is in his left arm, a traditional Samoan-style tattoo with symbols representing him and his wife, daughter and his family.

Samoan style tattoo

Victoria Beckham Tattoos

Like her husband, David, Posh Spice has tattoos in different parts of her body. The popular ones are those found at the back of her neck down to her back (Hebrew script) which she and David got for their 6th wedding anniversary. On her left wrist, the initials of her hubby is inked, “DB”, along with another Hebrew script. The former Spice Girl also has a stars tattoo on her lower back.

Hebrew script

Colin Farrell Tattoos

The hot Irish actor has a lot of tattoos all over his body. The notable ones are found on his shoulder (tribal design that he got in Tahiti), “Carpe Diem” is found on the inside part of his left forearm and a personal one is inked on his ring finger, the word, “Millie”, his ex-girlfriend’s name.

tribal design tattoo

Lady Gaga Tattoos

The world-famous singer-songwriter has 14 tattoos to date. Some of them are found on her left wrist (peace symbol), roses found on her back, daisies on the left shoulder and a German script on her left arm. She only inked the left part of her body because her dad requested her to keep a side of her body a bit “normal”.

Lady Gaga Body Tattoos

Zayn Malik

This One-Direction hunk has a total of 41 tattoos! The latest addition is a Henna-style flower inked on his wrist. Some of them are found on his chest (his grandpa’s name in Arabic), one on the waist (Japanese symbol for being born lucky) and a gigantic gun (revolver) inked on the left side of his body.

grandpas name in Arabic

Cara Delevingne

The English fashion model’s tattoo count is… 10! The most famous is the one found on her arm, her mom’s name, “Pandora”. She got this together with BFF Rita Ora at Bang Bang’s tattoo parlor. Another amazing tattoo is the one inked inside her right ear, that of a diamond!


This English singer-songwriter has about 4 known tattoos, each having special meanings for the artist. Her first tattoo is dedicated to her mom and it is found on her wrist. Below the “One Penny” tattoo, she also has 3 dots that are “inked” and the letter “A” behind her right ear.

Tattoos are more than just body art, they hold special and deep meanings. It is permanent but then you can have it removed but it will not really come off completely. So before you decide to get “inked”, think several times before you make your decision.


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