30 Feminine Lace Tattoos For Women

Fashion has always driven lace production. Lace has always been a trend for ages now. In fact, it never loses its reputation as one of the most expensive garments in the textile industry.

Lace is made without an aid of a fabric and isn’t snip from an existing portion of a material. Instead, the lace arrays are shaped by means of fine threads to produce a tantalizing fabric scheme.

Women have constantly used lace in the most avant-garde means. Oftentimes, you see laces on lovely wedding dresses, gorgeous formal gowns and women’ assemblages. They are concurrently simple, stunning and passionately looking. Nevertheless, lace is a flexible mode of clothing, it can be worn in many ways.

In a world of tattoo enthusiasts, lace tattoo is an intricate and striking print for ladies. It is indeed an admirable choice for girls who like to celebrate their womanliness. It possesses knack to clasp betwixt and between, a metaphor of the phrase “Opposites are free to meet.”, which is often linked to the logic of femininity.

On the other hand, just like any other tattoos, lace prints also hold great significance and representations. It exemplifies refinement, sensuality and exquisite charisma.

In choosing lace pattern tattoos, always bear in mind the actual laces’ principle — the finer the lace, the more womanly it looks.

Otherwise, on the ink location, lace is one of the prints that is highly appreciated on thighs, napes, sleeves, back, shoulders and feet. However, you can still put your desired lace pattern on any parts of your body, as long as it suits you.

Below are the 30 Feminine Lace Tattoos For Women to get inspired by.

Lace Tattoos For Females

1. Back Lace Tattoo

Back Lace Tattoo

2. Ornamental Lace Back Tattoo

Ornamental Lace Back Tattoo

3. Baroque Leg Sleeve Tattoo

Baroque Leg Sleeve Tattoo

4. Crochet Lace Sleeve Tattoo

Crochet Lace Sleeve Tattoo

5. Baroque Lace Chest Tattoo

Baroque Lace Chest Tattoo

6. Black Lace Arm Tattoo

Black Lace Arm Tattoo

7. Ribbon Lace Back Tattoo

Ribbon Lace Back Tattoo

8. Alluring Lace With Roses Back Tattoo

Alluring Lace With Roses Back Tattoo

9. Gorgeous Lace Back Tattoo

Gorgeous Lace Back Tattoo

10. Wrap Around Lace Thigh Tattoo

Wrap Around Lace Thigh Tattoo

11. Delicate Butterfly Lace Waist Tattoo

Delicate Butterfly Lace Waist Tattoo

12. Lace Shoulder Tattoo

Lace Shoulder Tattoo

13. White Ink Lace Arm Tattoo

White Ink Lace Arm Tattoo

14. Unique Head Lace Tattoo

Unique Head Lace Tattoo

15. Lovely Lace Thigh Tattoo

Lovely Lace Thigh Tattoo

16. Beautiful Lace Arm Tattoo

Beautiful Lace Arm Tattoo

17. Lace Ankle Tattoo

Lace Ankle Tattoo

18. Intricate Back Lace Tattoo

Intricate Back Lace Tattoo

19. Feminine Lace Thigh Tattoo

Feminine Lace Thigh Tattoo

20. Lace Hand Tattoo

Lace Hand Tattoo

21. Seductive Lace With Roses Tattoo

Seductive Lace With Roses Tattoo

22. Ankle Lace Tattoo

Ankle Lace Tattoo

23. Lower Back Lace Tattoo

Lower Back Lace Tattoo

24. Blue Lace Back Tattoo

Blue Lace Back Tattoo

25. Exquisite Lace Leg Tattoo

Exquisite Lace Leg Tattoo

26. Colorful Lace Sleeve Tattoo

Colorful Lace Sleeve Tattoo

27. Splendid Lace Foot Tattoo

Splendid Lace Foot Tattoo

28. Keyhole Lace Back Tattoo

Keyhole Lace Back Tattoo

29. Splendid Lace Arm Tattoo

Splendid Lace Arm Tattoo

30. Spectacular Lace Back Tattoo

Spectacular Lace Back Tattoo

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