35 Amazing Tattoos for Women with Meaning

Since time immemorial, women have engraved tattoos on their bodies in order to beautify themselves. However, these days, such tattoos for women are in demand that have a deep meaning or symbolism attached to them. A tattoo is a permanent design that remains on your body forever and hence, one must be very sure of the motifs chosen so as not to repent the decision to get inked later.

Take a look at the post below as it lists down the top 35 tattoos for women that have special meanings.

Amazing Tattoo Ideas

1. Back feather tattoos

Among tattoos with meanings, it is the beautiful feather design that is loved by all since it symbolizes two things that are most wished by women and that would be a desire for a free life and to acquire wisdom. The feathers seen inked on the back of this woman look elegant and represent the cul of native American people.

tattoos and meanings


2. Elegant boat tattoo

Boat tattoos stand for an adventurous life and a sailing ship with roses inked all around symbolizes a person’s return to her home after a long journey. The boat designs are quiet famous among tattoos with meaning and can be seen in various combinations and colors.

tattoos for women with meaning


3. Tribal butterfly tattoo

Most women like to get tribal butterfly tattoos inked such as the pretty tribal design we can see in the image. A tribal butterfly design looks artistic and symbolizes freedom of expression and femininity as well.

tribal tattoo meanings


4. Black zodiac tattoo for women

Zodiac tattoo meanings are associated with the respective zodiac signs of the calender and say a lot about the traits of each sign such as the scorpion tattoo inked on the back in the image.

tribal tattoo meanings


5. Skull rose tattoos for girls

Roses and skulls are a much loved subject among women who like these motifs to be engraved on their bodies to symbolize life and death. These designs come in bright red and black shades as seen below. A beautiful rose along with a skull also stands for love.

tattoos and meanings


6. Hearts and name tattoos for women

Seen in the image is a girl’s rib that is inked with tiny small hearts and a person’s name ‘Daniel’ inscribed in the middle which signifies the true love that this wearer has for the person.

tattoos and meanings


7. Wrist butterfly tattoo

A butterfly symbolizes love and in some cases signifies spirituality as well. Many Christians see a butterfly as a symbol of resurrection of Jesus from his grave. The symbol seen in the image is inked in black and can also represent rebirth. It is attractive with no other color except jet black that accentuates its beauty.

Tattoo with meaning


8. Broken angel tattoo

An angel is the most loved tattoo subject as it stands for a person’s belief in the existence of god and hence, a guardian angel symbolizes the power of good that guides a person in his or her journey of love. But, the image below shows a tattoo of a sad or a broken angel with her head bent down. Such a design represents sadness and points to the wearer’s depressed frame of mind.

Tattoo Meanings


9. Bird and phrase wrist tattoos

Often, people get words or phrases inked on their bodies just to convey an idea or emotion they feel to the outside world and wrist is a perfect place to get such a tattoo inked. Seen in the image is a woman’s wrist engraved with three black flying birds below which ‘Let it be’ phrase is carved symbolizing the wearer’s desire to fly like a free bird without anyone’s interference.

Tattoo Meanings


10. Amazing wolf tattoo for women

The tattoo of a howling wolf as seen inked on the woman’s bare back symbolizes emotions of protectiveness and a sense of belonging to a class or sect.

Tattoo Meanings


11. Cancer ribbon tattoo for women

A girl who has survived ‘cancer’ is a survivor and the cancer ribbon tattoo seen inked on her back represents her strong will power (depicted by a riding mustang) to fight it like a warrior and come out as a winner. The cancer mustang tattoo looks powerfully engaging and inspires all who have faced the same tribulation in their lives.

tattoos and meanings


12. Amazing dove feather tattoo

Inked in light blue, the dove feather tattoo looks amazingly attractive and symbolizes peace and pure love.

tattoo with meaning


13. Matching infinity tattoos

The matching infinity tattoos represent the wearer’s strong bond with each other. They might be siblings or best friends and decided to get these tattoos to show their love and respect for each other.

tattoos and meanings


14. Dandelion and bird tattoos

A dandelion is a flower that has been blown over a hundred times by many of us to make wishes at some point in our lives. The flock of black birds seen flying from the dandelion symbolize the strong will to break away from shackles of a cage named society and taking a flight high up in the sky.

tattoos and meanings


15. Peace neck tattoo

Peace is a rare commodity these days and the peace tattoo seen rested on the back of the girl’s neck represents the need of humans to live peacefully with each other. It is encouraging and is a favorite subject these days.

tattoos and meanings


16. Cute arm tattoo with meaning

Remembering someone whom you loved and getting a tattoo inked in his or her memory is a beautiful ode to mark love and respect for that special being that changed your life. This is what the girl in the image has done whose love departed but still the person lingers on in her heart.

tattoos for women with meaning


17. Elephant text tattoo

An elephant is the most intelligent and strong willed animal in the animal kingdom and hence the tattoo seen inked below represents the wearer’s strong will to win any situation with wisdom.

tattoos for women with meaning


18. Angel and devil tattoos for women

An angel devil tattoo stands for good and evil that exist in each one of us like the woman who is sporting a cute angel devil tattoo that shows two sexy women, one-an angel, and the other a wholesome ‘she devil’, looking at you with mischievous eyes. The designs look witty and very impressive.

Tattoo Meanings

19. Rib tiger head tattoo

The woman’s rib as you can see is inked with a massive head of a tiger that symbolizes raw power and stealth, important characteristics associated with this majestic animal.

Tattoo Meanings


20. Back leafless tree tattoo

Tattoo meanings differ with even a minor variation in the design such as the leafless tree tattoo seen inked on the back of the lady in the image. As the tree seen here is bare and has lot of branches scattered all over, it will surely come to anyone’s mind that the design symbolizes death.

tattoos for women with meaning


21. Koi tattoo meaning for women

The beautiful koi fish tattoo inked on this woman’s back stands for good fortune and strong will power. It also stands for a person’s dream of scaling greater heights.

Tattoo Meanings


22. Dreamcatcher tattoo

A dreamcatcher tattoo is inked as most people, especially native Americans believe it to bring good dreams to a person. The tattoo seen inked here looks amazing and eye grabbing.

Tattoo Meanings


23. Celtic cross tattoo

A Celtic cross tattoo signifies the faith of Celtic people, mainly Scottish and Irish in god. The designs have deep religious connotations.

tattoos and meanings


24. Music themed tattoo on wrist

Tattoos such as the one seen below inked in the inner wrist of a woman symbolize the wearer’s love for music. Music themed designs are famous the world over and depict a persons’ love for music. The word ‘Believe’ seen inked in black may either be a song that is much loved by this lady who couldn’t resist getting her favorite song’s name engraved on her body to pay an ode to it that may have brought happiness in her life.

tattoos for women with meaning


25. Amazing owl tattoo

Women who value wisdom and deep thinking opt to get owl tattoos inked as these unique birds symbolize knowledge. The owl seen in the image portrays not just a deep symbolism but looks cute too.

Amazing owl tattoo


26. Amazing flower tattoo

The beautiful gigantic red flower seen inked denotes the feelings of love and romanticism. It also symbolizes femininity and confidence.

tattoos with meaning


27. Amazing cherry blossom tattoo

Seen engraved on the ribs of this woman are cherry blossoms that stand for gentleness and femininity. Cheery blossom is also representative of a woman’s beauty and is associated with sexuality in some traditions.

Amazing cherry blossom tattoo


28. Amazing star tattoos

On the lower back of this girl are engraved beautiful motifs of stars that represent a person’s belief in a better and hopeful fu. It also signifies a brightly lit path(life), full of dreams.

tattoos and meanings


29. Amazing swallow tattoo

A beautiful black swallow seen inked behind the neck of this woman is a symbol that represents new found love and good luck. Some people also see swallows as carriers of souls of one’s kids that have died.

tattoos for women with meaning


30. Amazing fairy tattoo

Symbols of innocence and mischief, fairy tattoos are cute to look as seen in the image where the design is inked in black. Some people get fairies tattooed to retain their belief in magic.

tattoos for women with meaning


31. Amazing heart tattoo with meaning

Hearts symbolize true love and most women love to get a heart or a cluster of many hearts carved on different parts of their bodies like back, wrist and ankle. The big heart with the name of a person points out to the deep love that this woman feels for him or her.

tattoos for women with meaning


32. Tribute tattoo for women

Parents are a favorite tattoo subject when people think of getting inked. In the image is seen a woman’s nape that has been inked with a tribute tattoo to her parents that looks cute and quite chuckle-some.

tattoos and meanings


33. Amazing dragonfly tattoo

The 3D dragonfly seen inked on the side of the lady’s neck looks real but has a far deeper meaning than meets the eye. Just like a dragonfly that lives short, yet an eventful life, we, too must also learn to live life fully.

tattoos for women with meaning


34. Amazing vine tattoo

The pretty green ivy vine shown inked on the legs in the image stand for lifelong love and commitment. Vines also symbolize immortality.

tattoos and meanings


35. Amazing tree and birds tattoos

Inked in white and black shades, the willow tree with birds flying away from its branches represent the desire of a person to break free from the protective environment of home to experience new beginnings.

tattoos and meanings


The tattoos shown above do not merely have attractive facets but are also symbolical. These tattoos meant for women can be engraved anywhere on the body and convey some meaning or the other. From beautiful quote tattoos that convey eloquent meanings to bird feather motifs, women these days can flaunt their feelings to others without any inhibitions. If you like the post, please feel free to express your opinions!

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