35 Small Animal Tattoo Designs

Tattoos are great in all forms and sizes as long as there is confidence from the one who bears it. Most people invest mainly in the uniqueness and complexity of the design which makes the tattoo astonishing. Some people have amazing large tattoos that covers most of their body skin. Others also have cool band tattoos somewhere in their wrists or feet.

This time around, let us look into the minia tattoos, particularly, the animal designs. It is a given that there are hundreds of animal designed tattoos out there. These tattoos also look great on anyone especially if done right. Now, imagine these cool animal tattoos in the smallest sizes– things do get a little more interesting.

Minimalist as what they call it, small animal tattoos are usually preferred by women who loves to have a tattoo however having hesitation of having too much ink on their skin. The collection below is a great reference for these type of enthusiasts who are in for the little things.

Here are the 35 Small Animal Tattoo Designs for everyone!

Tiny Tattoos Of Animals

1. Dotwork Deer Arm Tattoo

Dotwork Deer Arm Tattoo

2. Cat Wrist Tattoo

Cat Wrist Tattoo

3. Puppy Side Body Tattoo

Puppy Side Body Tattoo

4. Bird Wrist Tattoo

Bird Wrist Tattoo

5. Elephant Wrist Tattoo

Elephant Wrist Tattoo

6. Owl Wrist Tattoo

Owl Wrist Tattoo

7. Fancy Flamingo Back Tattoo

Fancy Flamingo Back Tattoo

8. Hummingbird Neck Tattoo

Hummingbird Neck Tattoo

9. Lovely Deer Leg Tattoo

Lovely Deer Leg Tattoo .

10. Cat Silhouette Behind The Ear Tattoo

Cat Silhouette Behind The Ear Tattoo

11. Poly Fox Wrist Tattoo

Poly Fox Wrist Tattoo

12. Soaring Birds Back Tattoo

Soaring Birds Back Tattoo

13. Sloth Forearm Tattoo

Sloth Forearm Tattoo

14. Elephant With Heart Wrist Tattoo

Elephant With Heart Wrist Tattoo

15. Poly Unicorn Leg Tattoo

Poly Unicorn Leg Tattoo

16. Blue Bird Wrist Tattoo

Blue Bird Wrist Tattoo

17. Tiger Finger Tattoo

Tiger Finger Tattoo

18. Floral Dog Forearm Tattoo

Floral Dog Forearm Tattoo

19. Gorgeous Fox Wrist Tattoo

Gorgeous Fox Wrist Tattoo

20. Geometric Horse Side Body Tattoo

Geometric Horse Side Body Tattoo

21. Tiny Paw Print Finger Tattoo

Tiny Paw Print Finger Tattoo

22. Bear Family Forearm Tattoo

Bear Family Forearm Tattoo

23. Blackwork Giraffe Finger Tattoo

Blackwork Giraffe Finger Tattoo

24. Robin Forearm Tattoo

Robin Forearm Tattoo

25. Sketchy Deer Side Body Tattoo

Sketchy Deer Side Body Tattoo

26. Hanging Sloth Wrist Tattoo

Hanging Sloth Wrist Tattoo

27. Subtle Bee Wrist Tattoo

Subtle Bee Wrist Tattoo

28. Wolf Forearm Tattoo

Wolf Forearm Tattoo

29. Mighty Lion Forearm Tattoo

Mighty Lion Forearm Tattoo

30. Stunning Pug Forearm Tattoo

Stunning Pug Forearm Tattoo

31. Adorable Panda Arm Tattoo

Adorable Panda Arm Tattoo

32. Intricate Fish Wrist Tattoo

Intricate Fish Wrist Tattoo

33. Giraffe Ankle Tattoo

Giraffe Ankle Tattoo

34. Blackwork Horse Forearm Tattoo

Blackwork Horse Forearm Tattoo

35. Dotwork Panda Forearm Tattoo

Dotwork Panda Forearm Tattoo

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