50 Hot Butterfly Tattoo Designs For Women With Simple Ideas

Trending butterfly tattoo designs for women. Find inspiration with these hot ideas for the sleeve, chest, ankle, small and large.

Tattoos are an important medium through which women express their feelings and opinions, and butterfly tattoos are regarded as the most expressive among a whole lot of other women tattoo designs. Women, by na are soft and gentle. There are umpteen number of other motifs like flowers, stars and other tattoos that one can ink, but it is the beauty of the butterfly that catches the attention of these lovely ladies!

Well, you must wonder why a butterfly is so special and finds mention in this post. To begin with, a butterfly, like a woman goes through a unique cycle of birth and growth, with each stage playing a very important part in its life.

A butterfly is also regarded in many culs as the symbol of happiness, and this makes it a favourite choice when ladies think of getting tattooed. There are many culs that believe this winged crea to be a lucky charm for women in love. Hence, most girls often end up tattooing beautiful butterfly tattoo designs in the hope of finding love and a perfect soul mate.

Butterfly Tattoo Designs

Butterfly tattoo designs are suited to be tattooed anywhere on the body as these look cool and feminine, no matter where they are placed. From a cute small butterfly tattoo on the neck or ears, to the big winged ones inked on the back, butterfly tattoo designs always manage to grab the attention of passersby.

A butterfly tattoo is such a creative motif that it can be inked as your very first tattoo as it will never go wrong! Young girls can choose from a plethora of butterfly tattoo designs such as the pink winged butterfly on the legs or the back. If you need some symbolic meaning attached to your butterfly tattoo, you can add other motifs like flowers or stars along with it. The trend these days is to ink a big butterfly tattoo on back while others with combos are preferred for parts like ankles, thighs and foot.

If you are a lady that wishes to be seen as an epitome of grace and femininity, here is your chance to get enlightened about the top 50 hot butterfly tattoo designs that are in vogue these days. Take a look.

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Butterfly Skull Tattoos on Chest

Women commonly choose butterfly tattoos as one of their favorite designs. Wearers of this ink have a great deal of meaning attached to this ink that comes in a variety of forms and sizes. Women and men alike enjoy getting chest tattoos. This trend has gained popularity since Rihanna popularized it in the mid-2010s. There is a symbol of rebirth associated with butterflies.

Butterfly skull tattoos on chest

Blue Butterfly and Star Tattoo on Chest

In addition to its beauty, the blue butterfly also represents joy and good fortune. There is nothing more stylish or timeless than a piece of ink like this. You can be assured that the stunning hue will last a lifetime because the pigment with this shade typically lasts longer than others.

Blue butterfly and star tattoo on chest

Yellow Butterfly Tattoo on The Hips

An image of happiness and imagination is represented by a yellow butterfly. You will be blessed with good fortune if you view a yellow butterfly buzzing around you. It is simply stunning to have this tattoo on the hips.

Yellow butterfly tattoo on the hips

Blue Butterfly Tattoo on The Neck

Let the wings of the butterfly help you soar at the nape of your neck or halfway down your spine. The tattoo can be completed by adding additional symbols.

Blue butterfly tattoo on the neck

Black Butterfly Tattoo on Back

There are many different places on the body where butterfly tattoos can be applied. Due to their shape, the wings look particularly good on the chest, collar bone, and lower back due to their excellent framing properties.

Black butterfly tattoo on back

Black Butterfly Tattoo on Thigh

Unlike most butterfly species, the black butterfly has no bright colors on its wings, which contributes to its beauty.

Black butterfly tattoo on thigh

Big Butterfly Tattoo on Thigh

Women’s thighs aren’t traditionally tattooed, however their ability to flatter feminine curves has made them extremely popular in recent years. Ink on the thighs can be subtle and seductive or bold and beautiful, and they draw attention to the legs and lower body.

Big butterfly tattoo on thigh

Purple Butterfly Tattoo on Back

Purple Emperor butterflies are large butterflies with iridescent purple wings on their males. There is an iridescence that distinguishes the males from the females, which is how the sexes can be distinguished.

Purple butterfly tattoo on back

Colorful Butterfly Wings Tattoo on Back

It has never been a better time to extend your back tattoo to your neck thanks to the growing popularity of collar-style tattoos. Another option is to get a tattoo that begins at the top of your spine and ends at the hairline. This would be a more subtle and cool approach.

Colourful butterfly wings tattoo on back

Blue Butterfly Wings Tattoo on Back and Shoulders

Make the design more visible by inking it on your shoulder blade or middle back rather than lower down.

Blue butterfly wings tattoo on back and shoulders

Butterfly Tattoo on Arm

In addition to making a statement, colorful upper arm tattoos are sure to catch the attention of others. It is usually only if your design is quite detailed that you will choose to color it.

Watercolor Butterfly Forearm Tattoo

Red Butterfly Tattoo on Back

A red butterfly is often associated with happiness and peace according to many people. In addition, it symbolizes spiritual unity throughout the world.

Red Butterfly Back Tattoo

Dotted Butterfly Tattoo on Leg

Place your killer ink on your leg to display it wherever you go. Leg tattoos depicting butterflies represent change and evolution. Insects undergo transformation over time, so the placement of this design can symbolize the same journey you undertake.

Dotted butterfly tattoo on leg

Red 3D Butterfly Tattoo

Make the tattoo appear to be an actual 3D object sitting on your body by adding a shadow.

Red 3D butterfly tattoo

Cute Butterfly Tattoo on Leg

Select an area of your calves or thighs that is less painful than others.

Cute butterfly tattoo on leg

Butterfly and Flower Tattoo on Lower Back

Butterfly and flower tattoo on lower back

Butterfly and Frog Tattoo on Stomach

It is important to note that stomach tattoos for women have a number of benefits, all of which are aesthetic in na. If you want to conceal scars or stretch marks, this is a great place to get a tattoo.

Butterfly and frog tattoo on stomach

Green Butterfly Tattoo on Shoulder

A shoulder tattoo has been one of the most popular places for men to get inked since the days of sailor tattoos. This is due to the fact that the shoulder is traditionally associated with strength and power.

Green butterfly tattoo on shoulder

Butterfly Tattoo on Shoulder

Beautiful Butterfly Back Shoulder Tattoo

Butterfly Tattoo Above The Knee

What do you think about this unique tattoo design? Are you brave enough to try it out? You may find this curated list of above the knee tattoos useful in increasing your tattoo repertoire. You may apply ink to the upper or lower sides of your knees or to any other side of your knee.

Butterfly tattoo above the knee

Beautiful Butterfly Tattoo on Back

A butterfly tattoo is a popular choice among women primarily due to its versatility, beauty, and femininity.

Beautiful tribal butterfly tattoo on back

Pink and Black Butterfly Tattoo on Back

In the same way as a work of art, a tattoo acts as a frame, and the location on your body serves as the canvas. It is essential that the art and the frame are complementary.

Pink and black butterfly tattoo on back

Black Butterfly Tattoos on Back

Black butterfly tattoos on back

Butterfly Tattoo on Foot and Ankle

The lower leg is an excellent location for a tattoo. A spot on the ankle can also be defined as anything below the knee, from the calf to the shin. The most popular designs are those that wrap around the leg in order to make the most use of the available space, but you do not need to have a huge design in order to have a beautiful tattoo.

Butterfly tattoo on foot and ankle

Black Butterfly Tattoos on Foot and Leg

A tattoo on the side of the leg would be an excellent choice as it is one of the more visible parts of the lower extremity. Placement is everything when it comes to this kind of ink, so you should make sure that the design matches your aesthetic, regardless of whether it is big and bold or sleek and subtle.

Black butterfly tattoos on foot and leg

Multicolored Butterfly Tattoos on Arm

Multicoloured butterfly tattoos on arm

Cute Butterfly Tattoo on Foot

In the process of laying out the lines of a foot tattoo, the artist often feels like they are scratching the skin with a needle.

Cute butterfly tattoo on foot

Hot Red Butterfly Tattoo on Hips

It is for this reason that many women choose a small and simple design, but you can also choose something larger, which covers the upper thigh or focuses on the side of the hip.

Hot red butterfly tattoo on hips

Hot Butterfly Tattoos on Thigh and Hips

Tattoos on the thigh are considered to be one of the most sexiest and trendiest places to get inked. Taking a step forward represents movement and transformation, which is something you do every day.

Hot butterfly tattoos on thigh and hips

Radiant Butterfly Tattoo on Foot

Radiant butterfly tattoo on foot

Small Butterfly Tattoo Above The Ankle

The beauty of this placement is that it can easily be concealed for formal occasions – it acts as a small secret that holds significance for the wearer.

Small butterfly tattoo above the ankle

Colorful Butterfly Tattoo on Foot

3D Butterfly Foot Tattoo

Star and Butterfly Tattoos on Ankle

A subtle and elegant design can be achieved with an ankle tattoo. In spite of the fact that it is one of the most painful areas for the application of ink, it is also one of the most delicate.

Star and butterfly tattoos on ankle

Light Pink Butterfly Tattoo on Shoulder

Light pink butterfly tattoo on shoulder

Split Butterfly Tattoos on Hand

Split butterfly tattoos on hand

Bright Yellow Butterfly Tattoo on Thigh

Bright yellow butterfly tattoo on thigh

Sweet Butterfly Tattoos on Wrist


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Butterfly Tattoo on Chest


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Butterfly Tattoos on Arm

Blue Butterfly Tattoo on the Back of The Shoulder


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Evil Butterfly Tattoos on Wrist

Evil butterfly tattoos on wrist

Colorful Butterfly Tattoo on Wrist

Butterfly Tattoo on Rib

Colorful Butterfly Tattoo on Neck

It is not uncommon for people to have butterflies inked on their throats or sides, or even to extend the artwork onto the face, shoulders, upper back, or chest to develop a larger piece of art.

Colourful butterfly tattoo on neck

Large Butterfly Tattoo on Chest

Female Queen Alexandra’s birdwings (Ornithoptera alexandrae) are the largest butterflies in the world.


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What Is The Butterfly Tattoo Meaning

Symbolizing spiritual rebirth, transformation, change, hope, and life, butterflies possess mystery, symbolism, and meaning. As a reflection of spiritual transformation and a reminder that life is short, the magnificent, yet short life of the butterfly closely mirrors the process of spiritual transformation.

Are Butterflies Considered Good Luck?

According to some Native American tribes, this is the case. It is said that if you catch a butterfly, you should whisper your wish to it and let it go. Your wish will be conveyed to the spirits by the butterfly, who will grant it.

Moths and butterflies are both members of the macrolepidopteran clade Rhopalocera from the order Lepidoptera.

What Does God Say About Butterflies?

The old life is gone, and the new life has begun (2 Corinthians 5:17). Sinners are transformed into saints by the same God who transforms caterpillars into butterflies.

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