30 Intimate Breast Tattoos

When I was working on this post today, I can’t help myself not to be more scrutinizing than ever. It’s just that, the subject matter at hand is probably the most sensitive so far because of the chosen area for tat placement.

Breast tattoos, like the other ones, have both subtle and deep objectives why people get it. For most, it is a tease to the opposite sex, an accessory for love and passion. On the more serious side, breast tattoos uplift women who underwent breast operations which left scars and tears. One thing is for sure though, having a breast tattoo especially for women, is a choice that is a bit more difficult than having one on the arm.

We collected 50 of the best-looking and artistic (not pornographic) breast tattoos for you guys to check out today. Enjoy the collection!

Trending Breast Tattoo Ideas





























































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