Top 15 Tattoo Removal Tips And Aftercare

How to remove tattoos that one no longer needs on his or her body? Well, they simply have to opt from the various methods of removing tats that include laser tattoo removal as well as home tattoo removal techniques. Getting a tattoo is not as big a pain as having it removed. Some traditional methods are bound to cause scars and cause some pain too.

There are many people who make the mistake of getting wrong designs inked on their bodies and are often found rattling their nuts thinking about how to remove tattoos. Follow the post that will list down the top 15 tattoo removal tips and aftercare and will hopefully clear your doubts.

Tattoo Removal Tips And Aftercare

Follow these tips to prevent getting scars before getting your tattoos removed:

1. Consume water in large quantities

Make sure to drink lots of water before you go to a clinic for removing your tattoo as well as after your tat has been removed. Water helps in faster regeneration of tissues and wounds heal fast with more water consumption.

Tattoo Removal


2. Consume vitamins for faster healing

For preventing permanent scarring, make sure to consume vitamin A in any form so as to enable faster healing of your wound. One can take vitamins in natural or in tablet form too.

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3. Apply Lidocaine cream

For preventing marks and scars when your tattoo gets removed using any method, you must ensure that you apply this cream before you go for tattoo removal. This cream is used for numbing the area that is to be invaded for any surgery including laser tattoo removal.

tattoo removal aftercare


4. Make sure to quit smoking

In case you want your tattoo removal operation to be successful, refrain from smoking and kick the butt of the cigarette faster than blinking an eyelid. Its found that people who smoke have lesser chances of getting a scar less skin after the laser tattoo removal procedure.

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5. Always get your tattoo removed from a qualified tattoo removal technician

There are three types of professionals that can carry out your tattoo removal effectively, namely, Estheticians, Dermatologists and Plastic surgeons. Be sure to check the credibility of these professionals before booking your tattoo removal seating.

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For preventing ugly scars, follow these tips for tattoo removal aftercare:

6. Apply antibacterial ointments over the wound

The first thing you must do after getting your tattoo removed is to refrain from using water over the wound. However, clean it with the help of antibacterial ointment that should be applied at least three times in a day. There are many brands available for tattoo removal but if you want, you can apply the usual burn relief creams too.

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7. Do not pop the blisters if they occur

If you do get blisters once your tattoo gets removed, in no case should you touch or pop it as this will aggravate the condition. The scab separates from the skin once the wound heals and shouldn’t be touched at all. It is best to bandage the blister in case it becomes filled with pus.

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8. Wash the wound with mild soap twice a day

Make it a point to wash your wound with warm water at least twice in a day. One can also clean up the area with mild soaps or Cetaphil gentle cleansing antibacterial bar that soothes the skin.

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9. Apply sunscreen of SPF 30 and above on the burned area

When out in the sun, makes sure to apply a generous quantity of sunscreen over the burn area so as to protect it from further damage caused due to harsh UV rays of the sun.


10. Never rub on the wound

Rubbing your wound will cause immense pain and hence, you mustn’t rub it. Use a soft paper towel to pat dry the wound. Many a times rubbing causes new scabs to appear on the skin that may worsen the condition.

tattoo removal aftercare


11. After washing the exposed area, change the dressing

For maintaining personal hygiene, one must wash his wound and after that, change the bandage as well. This is needed for preventing any infection.

tattoo removal aftercare


12. Stay out of direct sun rays

After you have undergone the last session for tattoo removal, you need to protect your wound area from the harmful rays of the sun as it may cause your wound to transform into painful blisters.

tattoo removal aftercare


13. Go for laser tattoo removal sessions in a six weekly gap of time

One mustn’t hurry up the process of getting all the sessions for tattoo removal done without any gap of time as it may ruin the treatment. Its better to wait for at least six weeks before undergoing the next tattoo removal session.

tattoo removal aftercare


14. Do not scratch the healing wound

Scratching your wound is perhaps the most heartening experience but it can cause dryness and infection too. One can prevent itching by applying moisturizing creams or other hydrating lotions over the wound.

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15. Drink the juice of grapes and pineapples

Since these fruits contain enzymes in heavy amounts, drinking their juice enables faster healing of the wound caused by laser tattoo removal or home tattoo removal.

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Following these tips for tattoo removal and aftercare would help one get scar less skin once their tattoos are removed using either laser tattoo removal or home tattoo removal techniques. Be patient when your wound is healing and consult a doctor in case infection sets in.

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