Top 12 Orchid Tattoo Designs for Girls

Orchid tattoo designs give a wonderful display of skills in art. They are normally sexy and desirable. Below we have a look at a number of them and where they best fit.

Orchid Tattoo Ideas

1. Back Shoulder Orchid Tattoo

This flower design is a beauty and appears sexy. It is made prettier by incorporating colors in a balanced mode. The warm colors used in this design are lovely and gives desirable display.

Back shoulder Orchid Tattoo


2. Back orchid tattoo

This is yet another spectacular design for ladies. The dress or top that you wear must be kind of showy to obtain a perfect view. This design is well placed at the back region.

back orchid tattoo


3. Upper back orchid tattoo

An upper back tattoo looks so real. It creates an intrinsic point of beauty. The colors should be well picked to match in the design.

Upper back orchid tattoo


4. Colorful orchid on Back

Below is a perfect example that matches an expression “Beautify art.” Obtaining this kind of art requires skill and taste. If you desire a pretty real back tattoo, this is the way to go.

Colorful orchid on Back


5. Back and shoulder orchid tattoo

A rare but skillful piece of thought put into reality. The magnificence of this tattoo is extended from the lower shoulder to the upper part. This creates a lovely design.

Back and shoulder orchid tattoo


6. Orchid on hip

Have you ever wondered how creative you can get when getting a leg tattoo? This is how far you can go. A majestic design incorporating a flying dove in the design. It cannot get any better. This piece of art can be placed on any part of the body depending on the size.

Orchid on hip


7. Upper hip tattoo

Quite simple put, lovely. Looks like a replica of a real flower down on the body. This design is well placed right at the upper side of the thigh proceeding towards the back.

Upper hip tattoo


8. Lower back tattoo

Colorful tattoo design used on the back. This design is lively and is desirable for outgoing persons. A lovely design like this will not require the use of many colors.

Lower back tattoo


9. Belly orchid

Playing with black and grey can give a simple but desirable designs. This tattoo design is refined and elegant.

Belly orchid


10. Orchid on Forearm Tattoo

A combination of stars and flower design appears lovely. The match on colors used is extremely magnificent. Having this tattoo will compel to show as it is admirable.

Wrist Orchid tattoo


11. Purple orchid

A refined colour of purple when put into task will surprise you. The end result is breath taking. Using this color and other few, you will be treated to a spectacular view. You will completely love what you see.

Purple orchid


12. Thigh tattoo

Using a number of colours and skills will give you this lovely design. It can be drawn on the upper thigh and at the back region.

Thigh tattoo


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