Top 20 Frog Tattoo Designs for Girls

Frogs are an integral part of Chinese cul and Feng shui propagates people to keep statues or figurines of these creas as these are believed to bring good luck and fortune. Many people these days are seen sporting frog tattoos as these look beautiful as well as reaffirm people’s belief in the superstition that these creas are harbingers of wealth. The list comprised below includes the top 20 frog tattoo designs that are specially meant for girls.

Tattoos Of Frogs

1. Cute frog tattoo design

Perched on two green leaves is a cute frog that has been inked beautifully by the artist. The colors used are primarily green, thereby bringing in a natural element to the motif.

Cute frog tattoo design


2. Green frog foot tattoo design

The foot of this woman looks cute with this tiny green frog inked in black and green colors. The frog is shown resting and looks very cute indeed.

Green frog foot tattoo design


3. Frog and dragonfly tattoo design

The design of both the frog and the dragonfly look very beautiful wherein the former is waiting with anticipated breath to open its mouth and stick its tongue out to gobble up the insect. The black floral motif inked below the frog looks fabulous too.

Frog and dragonfly tattoo design


4. Bold black frog tattoo design

On the foot in the image shown below, is an attractive motif of a frog that has been carved in bold black color. There is no other color used that makes the whole design appear beautiful and very rare. The na of the design looks tribal with decorative patterns inked to resemble a frog.

Bold black frog tattoo design


5. Beautiful frog sitting on a leaf tattoo design

Sometimes, a frog may not be sufficient to express your creativity when tattooing. In such a case, you can always opt to carve a frog along with other deigns like flowers and leaves that add brightness and more greenery to the motif. The frog below is siting on a giant green leaf and looks quite charming.

Beautiful frog sitting on a leaf tattoo design


6. Colorful frog and flowers design

A frog sitting amidst a bushel of flowers is perhaps a common motif but it does look extremely colorful and attractive. The crea is a creation of na and hence flowers occupy an important part in its life.

Colorful frog and flowers design


7. Frog and lotus tattoo design

The back of the woman is carved with a beautiful motif of a frog and a lotus flower inked with various colors like blue, pink, green and dark green. Along with these two designs, there is a butterfly too printed that looks cute and brings the natural element into the tattoo.

Frog and lotus tattoo design


8. ‘Freddo the frog’ tattoo design

The frog tattoo seen here is an animated version and looks very cute and funny. It is the popular cartoon character ‘Freddo the frog’ that’s inked in bright green color and is wearing a tee that is yellow. The design looks adorable and will make you smile when you see the frog playing tennis!

Freddo the frog


9. Cute frog tattoo design on shoulder

On the backside of the girl’s shoulder is tattooed a tiny cute looking frog with webbed feet that are bigger than the crea itself. Light yellowish green shading is done to keep the natural feel.

Cute frog tattoo design on shoulder


10. Three frogs on leaves tattoo design

These three animated looking frogs with each one of these covering their mouths, ears and eyes; look absolutely funny and resemble Gandhi’s three monkeys that preach three gospels for eternal happiness, i.e, ‘don’t speak bad, ‘don’t see bad’ and don’t hear bad’.

Three frogs on leaves tattoo design


11. Blue and black frog sitting on a giant flower

The motif of a giant flower is seen carved on the body along with a beautiful black patterned blue frog sitting on one of its petals. The contrast of bright blue looks great with the nude and yellow colored flower.

Blue and black frog sitting on a giant flower


12. Frog climbing up tattoo

On the ribs can be seen a beautiful green frog climbing up with grass bushels inked on its path. The whole motif looks very real and appears very cute and artistic.

Frog climbing up tattoo


13. A frog sitting on a branch tattoo

Seen here is a bright green colored frog siting on a branch that is shaded with brown color. The frog looks happy and shows the inner contentment of the wearer.

A frog sitting on a branch tattoo


14. Unique frog tattoo design

Climbing on a beautiful green creeper, the two frogs look absolutely stunning with colors that add brightness to their personas and also make them appear cute.

Unique frog tattoo design


15. Cartoon frog tattoo design

This ‘cartoon’ frog will make anyone laugh since it looks cute and funny sitting on a chair and smoking a cigarette. The frog’s expression of mischief has been brilliantly sketched using red, blue and green shades.

Cartoon frog tattoo design


16. Lovable frog tattoo design

The frog design inked here looks adorable and very cute. It is carved to show as if it is clinging on to a branch and appears to be in a jovial mood.

Lovable frog tattoo design


17. Neck frog tattoo design

Behind the neck, on the nape is printed a very uniquely designed motif of a frog. The frog’s motif has been carved in black only with shading done in such a way so as to lend it more attractiveness.

Neck frog tattoo design


18. Tiny frog tattoo design for ears

In the image one can see a beautiful design of a small frog that is inked just inside the ears and looks adorable. The outline of the frog is carved in black while the inside has been shaded with green which lends it more beauty.

Tiny frog tattoo design for ears


19. Matching blue frog design

If inking frogs is your turf and so is your boyfriend’s , then I would suggest carving these cute looking frogs on both of your feet. The frogs are blue and black patterned and look very bright and attractive.

Matching blue frog design


20. Red and green frog tattoo design

The frog inked on the foot below appears to be in a happy bent of mind and is symbolic of contentment in a women’s life. Symbolically, it stands for a happy married life of a woman and looks really beautiful with red and green shades.

Red and green frog tattoo design


The above listed tattoos are the top 20 frog designs that most women these days are inking on themselves. Ranging from simple to exotic, frog motifs are varied and are always in demand for their sheer colorfulness as well as beliefs that make them adorable and loved.

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